Shipping, Returns & Policies


When reaching out to our customer service team, please lead with kindness! They work incredibly hard for us and do their absolute best to satisfy every single customer to the best of their abilities! As a team, we always go the extra mile to ensure EXCELLENT customer service but we do require kindness in return.


We take great pride in our shipping speed! We strive to ship all orders out within 24 hours of being purchased, however please allow up to 48 hours to receive tracking via email for your order. **Shipping speed may be impacted due to volume increase during Black Friday and Christmas. ALL of our shipping rates include a tracking number which is sent via email. 


Rest assured that packages can experience normal delays as they move through the USPS mail stream. We typically find that delivery will be made within a few days. However, if the package continues to appear lost, we have a policy in place to protect you.

Thank you for your patience!

If your item “gets stuck” in transit, meaning, it is delayed or stops moving entirely, we urge you to file a claim with USPS. USPS is notorious for experiencing delays related to volume of parcels, impending holidays and inclement weather! In order to kindly “nudge” the post office to advance your package, we always have our customers file a claim. 

Please fill out the following form through usps! 


My item was marked as “delivered” but it isn’t here!

Do NOT stress! This does happen from time to time!

Typically when this happens it means one of two things. 1- USPS has the package in their truck and they scanned it but forgot to put it in your mailbox. When this happens, it typically shows up within the next 24 to 48 hours.

2- Your package was delivered to a neighbor. Nine times out of ten, the neighbor will deliver it directly to you or into your mailbox. Otherwise, it can take 72 hours if they send it back to USPS and USPS reroutes it to you.

Regardless, it always seems to find its way home, even if it’s journey is a little bit wonky. ;)


All items are final sale!

Every item is made to order so we urge you to be sure you view all photos and information about the product you are interested in on the website prior to purchasing!

Although we have a “no return policy,” we want you to be completely delighted with your items!


In the event your item arrives damaged, please email us with photos so we can dispatch a replacement!

IMPORTANT- Your damaged item must be post marked within 10 days of delivery. If your parcel is not postmarked within 10 days, your return will be void and we will not accept it. 


1- Please package your item in bubble wrap securely in the SAME materials it came in! This is the MOST important step! If there is further damage in transit due to poor wrapping, there will be an associated fee that mimicks the cost of the damage. Your gems MUST be protected with bubble wrap; the MORE bubble wrap the better! (paper towels, newspaper, toilet paper, foam, etc. do NOT protect gems and will not be accepted! Make SURE you use bubble wrap & lots of it!) 

2- Please include a note inside your package and notate WHAT the damage is and what our resolution was!

3- A return address will be provided to you by our customer service team!

Right to Refuse Service

Feed Me Gems reserves the right to deny service and access to our products in its sole and absolute discretion at any time for any reason as we see fit. 


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You may NOT copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, perform, modify, or create derivative works of any of our products. 
We have no tolerance for copyright infringement; such actions are expressly prohibited by HCBH and will be protected to the extent of the law.
Anyone found guilty of willful civil copyright infringement of any our products could be held liable for up to $150,000 for each work that was infringed upon in addition to all attorney and court fees.

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