Copyright Accreditation

Copyright Accreditation Agreement: 
***By becoming a wholesale partner, you agree that every item you receive from us will be sold on our Hair Candy product cards. Removing our products from their accrediting cards / covering up our accrediting language is copyright infringement. Every item you receive is a Hair Candy by Han original design and must be treated with the following accreditation for copyright purposes; proper accreditation on physical sales (SOLD ON THE PHYSICAL HCBH CARDS we send them on), tagging on all social media promotion efforts and you agree that you will NOT claim our designs as your own as they are copyrighted designs and belong to us! This is a collaborative effort, and we are NOT remitting our design rights. By becoming a wholesale partner, you agree that any content that you create using our products can be used by Hair Candy by Han on our website, social media channels, etc.***
In order to quality for “wholesale pricing,” which is 30% off earrings and 50% off headbands, you must purchase a minimum of 20 earrings for earrings for 30% and can submit up to 5 earring designs from our website that you'd like to purchase for your store!